Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This past year I've taken up knitting
Blanket for G's famous cousin's son!

Cuddle cloths for my besties babies!

Socks - 1st knitting in the round.

and G has started to collect bourbon....

We bought a cabinet from Nadeau - a sort of local/national furniture store that I love!  My night stand is from Nadeau and they sell matching TV stands and china cabinets.  I want them all!!
Yes that is alot!

Moving the booze to the cabinet freed up kitchen cabinet space and I can now display some of our lovely Waterford crystal glasses.  Win-win.
Pardon my workout clothes - Bootcamp in the morning.

I am just not sure about all the rest of a furniture in the dining/living room...
We usually put the Christmas tree in that room, so I am not going to worry too much about how everything looks right now!

What hobbies have you taken up this year?

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