Sunday, November 25, 2012


Mon, Nov 19thBootcamp all by myself!  I guess my other bootcampers were taking the week off.  It was fun with the one-on-one training.

Tues, Nov 20th2.16mile walk with Molly in the morning and lots of fun eating in the evening with my parents!!  2nd year in a row they have come for Thanksgiving.  I like the tradition!

Wed, Nov 21stDoes shopping count?! 

Thurs, Nov 22nd10th annual Gobble Job (my third one) 5k with my mom and MIL.  We did it in 53:53! 5min faster than last year!

Fri, Nov 23rd3mile walk with my mom and Molly in the morning.  We did more walking that night at the local botanical garden – Garden Lights.  Beautiful!

Sat, Nov 24thAnother morning walk with my mom and Molly – 3.25miles in 1hr 2min.  I enjoy having a walking partner!

Sun, Nov 25thEveryone went home, so I went to Bikram yoga, did lots of laundry, and took a well-deserved nap!  Great Sunday!


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