Sunday, November 11, 2012


Mon, Nov 5thBootcamp!!  First one back from surgery! 
Tues, Nov 6th2mile walk with Molly and then joined a running group and ran 2.37miles in 24:08.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 10:10
Mile 2 – 10:21
0.37miles @ 9:49
Lots and lots of hills!!
Pretty sure I’ll be back next week.

Wed, Nov 7thWalking Molly – 2.05miles
Thurs, Nov 8thBootcamp – it was hard!  But it feels so good.
Fri, Nov 9thMore morning walking with molly – 2.03miles and Bikram yoga at night.  I wasn’t a fan of the 6:30pm teacher, so I might avoid her…

Sat, Nov 10th2nd run this week!  2.51miles in 24:49 and then a 2mile walk with Molly.  My legs were dead tired from Thursday’s bootcamp.  I thought yoga would help, but it didn’t really.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:40
Mile 2 – 10:06 (took a few walking breaks)
0.51miles @9:49

Sun, Nov 11thBikram yoga in the morning, lots of chores around the house!  Office is mostly put back together, and 2mile walk with Molly in my new running shoes!  They are awesome – saucony hurricane 14.  Love!
I've been a Brook's running shoe girl for the last 3years, but with the Morton's neuroma, I thought it was time to get my feet fitted at the running store.  The wonderful sales girls had me try these on and it was love.  Truly feels like I am walking on air.  So soft.  I am planning on running in them on Tuesday.
What are your favorite running shoes?  Favorite workout?  Do you avoid specific workout guides/coaches?

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