Thursday, November 8, 2012

Master bedroom update...

As you know, decorating a room is a constant project with small updates here and there.  I mentioned here that we bought a few rugs!  It took a little while to get the master rug installed because it was a 2 man job and G was in Calgary.  Have I mentioned him pretty much living there this year?  The project he is working on is supposed to be finished this month.... I am not holding my breath.  He has a corporate apartment and on the most recent trip, his snowboard accompanied him... I'll believe his main involvement will be over when he moves out of his apartment!

Anyway back to the room update!
The rug is installed, the initials are painted and up, and I moved the Paris light switch cover to the office and sort of replaced it with a card from the Calgary Stampede.

Do you see Arti?  She loves to watch bird up there. 

I really like it and have enjoyed making this room ours!

I would say that the room is ~80% done.  
We want to put up crown molding, paint the ceiling, get new closet doors (we started looking at doors, so this might happen 1st), and get artwork for the spot next to the initials and along the closet wall where this is a gap between the door and closet.  Slow and steady!


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