Monday, January 7, 2013

1st WWW of 2013!

Tues, Jan 1stHappy New Year!
Wed, Jan 2nd2.14mile run in 20:26 and 2mile easy walk with Molly.  This run felt awful!  Why can’t running be fun?!?
Splits –
Mile 1 @9:32
~2min walk break – trying to decide to continue with another 3miles or turn around… turn around won.
1mile @8:54

Thurs, Jan 3rd3.0mile walk with Molly and a few hours of prepping and painting the office door and office closet door.

Fri, Jan 4thBikram yoga!  And more painting of our interior doors (second coat on office doors and first coat on the bathroom and guest bedroom)!

Sat, Jan 5thLong run day with a large group of people.  I did run 1.1miles before because we were only planning on running 7miles and I needed to run 8miles.
Splits –
Mile 1 - 9:47
0.1miles @9:10

With the group –
Mile 1 – 9:55 – cold, slow start!
Mile 2 – 9:44
Mile 3 – 9:28
Mile 4 – 9:09 – I felt great!  No problems with congestion or my legs feeling tired!
Mile 5 – 9:01
Mile 6 – 9:03
Mile 7 – 9:28 – hilly finish to the run
0.31miles @9:02

Totals – 1.1miles in 10:41 and 7.31miles in 1:08.93

This was a great run and helped with my confidence for the 15k race next Sunday!

Sun, Jan 6th1.79 mile walk with G and Molly and then the last coat of paint on the bathroom and guest room doors!

Hope your New Year is starting off amazingly!

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