Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last WWW of December 2012

Sun, Dec 23rdLazy day at my parents house making 100+ piergoies!, catching up with a besty, and walking to a local yarn shop with G – 2.5miles.
Mon, Dec 24th2.20 mile easy run in 19:41 in fridged temps! Then a 1.96mile walk to Starbucks with my Mom and G.
Splits –
Mile 1 @ 8:51
Mile 2 @ 9:08
0.2miles @ 8:27
I was surprised that my legs felt good, but still dealing with lingering congestion.

Tues, Dec 25thMerry Christmas!! 1.1mile neighborhood walk with Mom and G.
Wed, Dec 26th2.30 mile easy run in 20:40 and again in fridged temps! And a 2.04mile walk to Starbucks with my Mom and G.
Splits –
Mile 1 @ 9:09
Mile 2 @ 8:47
0.3miles @ 9:00

Thurs, Dec 27th1.87 mile walk to Starbucks with Mom and G. 
Fri, Dec 28th1.99mile walk to Starbucks with Mom and G – did you pick up on the holiday pattern?!?
Sat, Dec 29thLong run! 7.26mile in 1hr 9min.  Not a fun run at all – out of breath because of congestion, heavy legs, and feet that didn’t feel good… Yuck!!
Splits –
Mile 1 @9:09
Mile 2 @9:19
Mile 3 @9:03
0.5miles @9:20
2min 30sec walk/rest/eat/blow my nose break
0.38miles @9:28
1mile @9:12
0.67miles @9:13
2min walk/rest break
0.23miles @9:08
1mile @9:06
0.26miles @9:13

Sun, Dec 30thErrand day!
Mon, Dec 31st3.5mile tempo run – This run felt great, even running up hill.  I think the walk breaks help!
10min easy warm-up – 1mile @9:58
3 x {5min fast – 1st: 0.6miles @8:19, 2nd: 0.59miles @8:29, 3rd: 0.59miles @8:26
         2min easy}
0.4miles easy warm-down @9:01

Yearly totals coming soon...

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