Sunday, January 13, 2013


Mon, Jan 7thI got up and went to bootcamp, but the door was locked.  I knocked a few times and waited ~10min, but no one answeredL  Boo!  Molly, G, and I walked 2.11 miles in the afternoon and I did some abs and arm weights to make up for the missed class.

Tue, Jan 8th3.5mile tempo run – I really like this run!
10min easy warm-up – 1mile @9:52,
3 x {5min fast – 1st: 0.59miles @8:36, 2nd: 0.60miles @8:22, 3rd: 0.59miles @8:27
         2min easy}
0.43miles easy warm-down @9:02

Wed, Jan 9thBootcamp was up and running! 

Thurs, Jan 10thEasy 2mile run.  1st mile @ 8:49 and 2nd mile @ 9:02.

Fri, Jan 11thOff/rest day!

Sat, Jan 12thBikram yoga morning!  My new (we bought it mid-November) car was scratch in the parking lot.  If it wasn’t soo new, we probably wouldn’t worry about it, but the car is ~2months old!  Annoying!

Sun, Jan 13thHot Chocolate 15k.  This was my first race back from foot surgery and I haven’t had a great time running recently, so my goal was to finish under 90min.  My official time was 1:29.02 – 9:34min average pace.  The 5k split was 28:54 and the 10k split was 58:44. 
This course was hilly and it was hot, +60F!  Last weekend, when I felt good the temp was ~25F! and I wore pants, a dry fit t-shirt, a dry fit long sleeve shirt, a light weight fleece, and gloves.  Today, I wore shorts, a tank top, and a started with a long sleeve dry fit shirt.  I happened to see G around mile 2 and was able to give him my shirt.  Awesome hubby.  After about 5miles, both feet started to hurt.  They felt sore and like I was rubbing the balls of my feet raw.  So because of foot pain, heat, and hills I did do a little more walking that I wanted.  Oh well. 

Splits from my watch –
Mile 1 – 8:45
Mile 2 – 8:52
Mile 3 – 9:50 ->walked the water stop and stopped to take my long sleeve shirt off
Mile 4 – 9:20
Mile 5 – 9:26
Mile 6 – 9:54
Mile 7 – 10:03
Mile 8 – 10:05
Mile 9 – 9:25
0.3 @ 8:28 – This would put my time at 1:28.09 – not sure how my watch was 1min off the official time, but oh well!
0.11 @ 7:20
Total time – 1:28.54 – 9.4miles

I am signed up for a half marathon is March that uses part of this course.  Not sure how great that will be!

What have you been up to this past week?  Any races on the docket?

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