Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Curtains for the office

The office needs curtains.

We have 2 windows in the room and need 4 panels.  I found something that would sort of work, but they were $60/panel.  For $240, I better love them!

Ikea, Target, World Market, and Pier1 all have ok curtains.  PotteryBarn and WestElm are too pricey!  I have toyed with making my own, but I don't have a sewing machine (I'm okay with just using hem tape!) and some of the fabrics I have liked online are at least $10/yard, some $20/yard!  I also don't have a good feel for what would look nice with the patterned rug.  Nothing too jazzy since I still want the rug to be the focus.  Humm.

After some pinterest searching I found these curtains on Etsy -

Love them, but out of my price range!  But, I could buy some already made curtains from Ikea or Target and then add my own grosgrain ribbon.  My kind of DIY and I already did something like that in our living room!

But now the questions are what color of curtains to get and what can I find the grosgrain ribbon in a color I like?? - thinking teal to "match" with the paint and rug.

Ribbon done!  I love google - Hair Bow Center has 1.5" grosgrain ribbon in Jade - Perfect!

Curtain color...white?? tan?? grey?? navy blue?? oatmeal??
The room does need another accent color, but I am not sure what that is.  I think the best thing, is to order the ribbon and then test it at Ikea and Target with my paint swatches.


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