Thursday, March 28, 2013


Remember when the door fairy came in November??

I finally got around to painting all 6 doors - 4 in January and the last 2 last weekend!
I did have to do some resanding and repainting on the 2 in the office, since they didn't shut smoothly.  Even with my electric sander it took forever to get everything perfect.  I am happy with my work!

Now we need to figure out what to do with the other 7 slatted closet doors...

Master bedroom doors that have pealing paint - Yuck!!
We need the slats for ventilation, but trying to sand and repaint these doors would be miserable, but a quick search at Home Depot looks like replacement doors would cost $160+ each!
The hall, living room, and bathroom closets look like this, sort of ok, but not as pretty as the new doors!
Our other interior doors were $30 each.  Maybe the door fairy would have an idea.... or some elbow grease to fix the doors is worth it.  Things to ponder....

Paint tip - between coats (hours to a day) wrap your paint tools in plastic wrap so you don't have to clean-up multiple times!
I also wrap it all up in a drop cloth, just to keep it all from drying out. 
Work in progress!
The Ugly Duckling House blog also just wrote a post about this technique, so I'm not the only lazy and crazy one :)


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