Sunday, March 3, 2013


Holy Cow!!  My Pinterest Challenge post has gotten 142 hits so far!  That is a huge jump from the 7-9ish "regulars!"  Thanks for the love!

Mon, Feb 25th Long work day, so I slept in.
Tues, Feb 26thBootcamp morning!
Wed, Feb 27th3.13mile run in 30:39 and then a 1.25mile cool-down walk with Molly.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:30
0.51miles @ 9:45
1:30min walk break – I couldn’t control my breathing, so I need a walk break to get it under control.
0.41miles @ 9:23 – able to get my breathing under control and the rest of the run felt wonderful!
1mile – 9:29
0.13miles @ 9:29

Thurs, Feb 28thBootcamp morning!
Fri, March 1st2.0mile morning walk with Molly.
Sat, March 2nd3.12mile morning walk with Molly and G.  We had some snow flurries and this old man yelled at us, “Crazy kids!  Get back inside or the snow will get you!”  He was being silly, but freaked us out at first.  What did we do?  What did Molly do?  Silly old man.
Sun, March 3rd 2.5mile walk with Molly and G and then some arm work with my 10lb weights.  

This was a slow running week.  Just not feeling motivated right now.  My goal for this week is to try and run 3 times, starting tomorrow morning!


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