Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring Pinterest Challege - Curtains!

The stars aligned again for me to participate again in the YHL and Bower Power Spring Pinterest Challenge!  No sew Ikea - grosgrain Pottery Barn inspired curtains!

Our office was in need of some curtains and I wanted to get it done before my parents visit this past weekend.
I did try a few premade options from the new Threshold collection at Target (in blue and in navy), but they were too busy with the rug.

I had pinned these curtains from Pottery Barn and Etsy, but they were too pricy and not the right colors.  I do love me some grosgrain ribbon!  And this pin came up in my feed - View Along the Way blog and was sold on DIYing my own curtains!

I started out with Ritva curtains from Ikea ($25 for 2 panels in creamy/off white) and curtain rods from Home Depot ($25 each in brushed copper - matches the new door knobs) and jade grosgrain ribbon from The Hair Bow center ($14/50yds).  I hadn't picked a ribbon pattern yet, so I thought more was better.  And I would need to repeat the pattern 4 times = lots of ribbon!

The windows are close to the wall and having 2 full panels, was too much curtain, so I cut each panel in half and hemmed the bottoms.
1st - pin the curtains in half
2nd - Iron the curtains in half - helps with cutting a straight line!
3rd - I used the lines on my ironing board cover to get a straight, matching hem with iron hem tape!
4th - Finish the bottom hem!
I decided that since I wouldn't be able to get horizontal ribbon even between each panel and it would continually annoy me every time I saw it, I would stick with just vertical lines. 

I used one width of ribbon as a guide for the actual ribbon and more of hem tape later (I had some hem tape already, but had to buy more, so I would guess that I used ~$10 of hem tape), and I was done!

I love how they came out and how the room is coming together!  
Enjoy some more after shots - 

For ~$100 I was able to DIY my own curtains and I love the look.
Hope you enjoy it too!

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