Monday, May 27, 2013


Mon, May 20thI thought we had bootcamp, but my instructor was still out of town that morning, so I decided to run in the evening…. Not the best idea since it was soo hot.  It turned into a 1.2mile run (0.2mile warm-up walk, 1mile in 9:29) and 2.17mile walk with Molly.

Tues, May 21stBootcamp morning with ~1mile of running and my ladies fitness class in the evening.  We had a new instructor who was okay.  She is a dancer and the workout felt like an aerobics class.  This white girl has no rhythm, so I try to stay away from coordinated aerobic/dance-like classes!  I’ll be back, since I know she is temporary sub, but you won’t be finding me at any other aerobic/dance workout classes!

Wed, May 22ndOff morning – had an 8am meeting!
Thurs, May 23rdBootcamp morning! And 1.65mile walk with Molly in the evening.

Fri, May 24thLast bootcamp L  I had mentioned before that the gym was closing.  It did at the end of April and we have been working out in another gym for May.  I have really enjoyed my ~13months of working out there.  Hopefully, I can find another great place to workout to augment my running.  In the mean time, my goal for June is to finally get back into the pool!  Have I ever mentioned that I swam competitively for ~9years (8th grade – college)!  After being in the pool 30+ hours a week, I have had little interest in getting wet.  But with my foot thing, I have been thinking more and more about getting back in the pool, so I set a goal for June!  I hope that by putting it on the blog, you will hold me to this goal!

Sat, May 25thRun morning – 3.1miles in 31:34!  And 2mile cool down walk with Molly.  It was ~50degs out, perfect running weather for me!
Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:33
0.61miles @ 9:35
2min walk break
0.42miles @ 9:37
1min walk break
0.93miles @ 9:52

Sun, May 26thAnother run morning – 3miles in 31:23 and 1.64mile walk with Molly.  It was ~55degs out, again perfect running temps!
Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:42
0.16miles @ 9:26
2min walk break
0.76miles @9:56
2min walk break
0.89miles @ 9:42

Mon, May 27thSort of a lazy morning….I had plans to run, but I didn’t sleep well, so we just took Molly for a 2.5mile walk.  The holiday was spent doing chores around the house, cooking, and napping!  Hope you had a great Memorial Day!


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