Sunday, May 12, 2013


Another fun workout week!
Mon, May 6th2mile morning walk with Molly and my Mom.
Tues, May 7thLadies fitness class in the evening with ~0.5miles of running in circles!

Wed, May 8thEasy 3.17mile run in 28:31 in the morning and then a 1.64mile walk in the evening with Molly.
Splits –
3:30min warm-up walk
Mile 1 – 9:34
Mile 2 – 9:19
Mile 3 – 9:28

Thurs, May 9thBootcamp morning!!
Fri, May 10th2mile morning walk with Molly and G.

Sat, May 11th4.2mile morning run! And 2.14mile cool-down walk with Molly and G.
Splits -
3:30min warm-up walk
1mile easy warm-up run @9:24
2min easy walk
3 x {5min fast – 1st: 0.56miles @8:56, 2nd: 0.56miles @9:00, 3rd: 0.56miles @8:56
         2min easy walk}
1mile warm-down @ ~9:51 (hilly finish!)

Sun, May 12th 2.35mile morning walk and 1.7mile evening walk with Molly and G!  Lots of walking this weekend!


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