Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Butterfly bush

Have I ever told you that we have yard-guys?  They've been doing our yard for ~18month or so and it is money well spent! 
I love pulling up to the house every other Monday and seeing the yard looking spectacular!  Especially in the fall when all the pinestraw is cleaned up!

The back yard is a little over grown because of all the pine trees preventing grass to grow in a majority of the yard.  We do have some lovely flowering bushes, which I have been told are pretty pricy plants!  One plant it particular is a butterfly bush.  In my opinion it is a hot mess of a plant and looks like a big fat weed.  What do I know??
Doesn't it look like a hot mess?
Butterflies on the butterfly bush!

I talked to the owner of the lawn company about our options with this butterfly bush.  He told me it was a pricy plant and the best option would be to trim it back now and then in the late fall they could move it to a more ideal location.  Cool!

Not sure I would call that a "trim," but it looks great!

The spot it is in used to be a vegetable garden and I would like to get that area cleaned up, put some grass in, and make a much smaller vegetable garden.  Keeping house plants alive it about the extent of my gardening skills/experience.  Starting out small seems like a good idea.

I'll keep you posted on the bush's new home later this year!

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