Sunday, August 18, 2013


Mon, Aug 12thBusy work day and it rained all day…. It has rained almost everyday this summer.  I can’t complain, but all this wet makes summer activities hard to do!
Tue, Aug 13th1.61 mile walk with Molly in the morning and prenatal workout class in the evening!
Wed, Aug 14th2.11 mile walk at night with G and Molly.  I tried to swim….the pool was closed last week for annual maintenance.  It was reopened this week, but not heated.  And won’t be heated until next week.  I didn’t know that when I jumped in and thought I was going to drown!  Seriously, I couldn’t get my breathing under control and I was freezing only after 50 yards.  I totally wussed out and got.  No need pushing myself right now!
Thurs, Aug 15thAnother busy work day and we took a hospital tour in the evening, so we didn’t have time to walk Molly in the evening.
Fri, Aug 16th1.68mile walk with Molly and G after our steamed snow crab dinner!
Sat, Aug 17th3.04mile morning walk with Molly and some arm weights!
Sun, Aug 18thWe were able to get in a 1.85mile walk between the rain storms and Target shopping.

Hoping this week will be dryer and the pool is warmer!

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