Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mixed nuts

Some of the most recent pictures from my phone!
Flowers for my MIL's b-day from our local farmer's market!  So pretty.

Gussy - My uncle thinks her eyes are creepy!

Proud owners of 1.5 bottles of 16year Black Maple Hill.  This stuff is $$$ and goes down like butter. 2ish more weeks until I can have some!!

Knitting fail - this deserves it's own post.

Baby's first Halloween costume!

When my mom visits, I trade her Ikea napkins for fresh tortillas from home.  I hope 400 napkins are enough!  Do you see Artichoke??

Bouncy houses are fun for adults too!

Our neighbors had their son this week!  Their friends were really excited!
 Fun times on my phone!

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