Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Super easy project

I love ceiling fans.  I know they are considered ugly and all the home decorators frown upon them, but I need that constant air moving, especially at night.

The nursery didn't have one and since it is in the back of the house and doesn't get a lot of air movement, we installed a nice looking one from home depot.  I had also read that constant air movement while the baby sleeps can help prevent SIDS.

I do think the ugly part of the fan are the light and fan pulls.
Turns out that our bedroom has the same ceiling fan!

I've had colored painted state quarters that I received from family members when I moved - GA and NM.  I've never really known what do with them, so they have just sort of been around the house. 

Then I go the bright idea, that they would make great fan and light pulls on the new ceiling fan! 

I just used some needle nose pliers to destroy the old pulls, slip on the quarters, and crimp the ends to secure the quarters.  A ~5min project that adds the perfect amount of details to a ceiling fan!

What easy home projects have you been up to??
The nursery is just about finished.  I got a beautiful colorful mobile from etsy that needs to be hung and then I can take finished pics! 

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