Sunday, August 11, 2013


Mon, Aug 5thEarly work day, so we took Molly for a 2.03mile walk in the evening.
Tues, Aug 6thI went back to doing the prenatal combo class (busy last July Tuesdays!) and had a great time.  We did a lot of legs and I am sure they will be sore tomorrow!
My SIL also had her baby today!  Their first girl and third baby, making this little girl the second girl out of 6 grandchildren on G’s side of the family.  Mom and baby are doing great and we plan on seeing them on Wednesday.
Wed, Aug 7thEarly work morning so we could bring G’s family lunch at the hospital and meet Miss Sarah Elizabeth!  She is a cutie and has a fun head of dark brown hair.
Thurs, Aug 8th2.12 mile walk with Molly and G in the evening.
Fri, Aug 9th1.59mile walk with Molly in the morning before work.
Sat, Aug 10thAll day childbirth class with G.  Fortunately, the class went really fast and we were out of the hospital ~2pm.  It did rain in the evening, but we were able to get in a quick 0.73mile walk with Molly between storms.
Sun, Aug 11thLazy morning at home and when we finally got ourselves in gear is was pretty hot out, so we only walked 2.16miles with Molly.

Sort of a lazy week, but at 34weeks preggo, I'll take it!

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