Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saying good-bye to a friend

In 2004, I bought my first car.  A Volkswagen Passat 1.8T.

It was a wonderful car, but was getting up there in mileage -> ~96,000 miles.  German cars start breaking around 100,000 miles and fixing it starts to get pricy, so we had sort of talking about selling it.  Wonder if we jinxed ourselves!?!

After we bought the Outback, the Passat became G's primary car and to be honest he hated some of the features.  The biggest hate was that the car would relock itself if you hadn't opened a door within 30sec of unlocking it.  Also, the doors autolocked if you drove over 15mph.  I could do without the relock, but I loved and miss the autolock.

In the past few weeks we toyed more with the idea of selling the truck and Passat and getting G something else.  No clue what something else is....
I do know that the truck is G's baby and the H Family way is house, dog, truck.  I would be really surprised if the truck ever goes away.
My family way is owning one extra car.  Since we got married we went from 3 (truck, Lexus, and Passat), to 2 (truck and Passat), back to 3 (truck, Passat, and Outback), and now back to 2 (truck and Outback).  I like have a back-up car!

The Passat died on Tuesday - sad day.  It was declared a total loss.  Sad.
G's was driving near an entrance area to the freeway that has one-way roads.  2 tracker trailer trucks were going the wrong way on a one-way, the SUV in front of G slammed on her breaks and G ended up rear ending her.  The impact cause both air bags to deploy and did a number on the front of the Passat.  G said there was brake and transmission fluid all over the pavement, which would indicate engine damage.  Not good.

Fortunately, G and the other driver were ok.  A little emotionally upset, but nothing physical.  G did say that the airbag pushed his hands off the steering wheel and he had some irritated skin on his wrists.  And the SUV had the VW logo "stamped" into her bumper.  Thankfully everyone it ok.

I took these pictures at the tow lot before releasing the Passat to the insurance company.  I needed to see the car and make my peace with it.  I know it is just a car, but I get emotionally attached to things.  I did shed some tears, but felt better about the situation once I left.

Love ya Passaty!

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