Sunday, October 6, 2013

WWW - It's back!

Sort of...

Sept 9th – 24th mostly off recovering from labor.  We did take a few short walks of less than a mile, but I didn’t record them.

Sun, Sept 22nd My mom came into town to help/hang out/meet baby P.
Mon, Sept 23rdMy mom walked…. P and I napped!
Tues, Sept 24th 1.7mile walk with my Mom, P, and Molly.
Wed, Sept 25th it rained ALL day.  We didn’t leave the house.
Thurs, Sept 26th 1.7mile walk with my Mom, P, and Molly.
Fri, Sept 27th Lazy!
Sat, Sept 28th My sister was coming for the weekend to visit and we had to leave the house ~10:30am to pick her up.  It takes P and I awhile to get ready in the morning, so my mom just walked alone.
Sun, Sept 29th – 2mile walk with Molly, Mom, sister, and P.  My mom and sister left later than day – sad. 
If G is too busy to walk with us, then Molly will be staying at home.  She is a puller, I can’t deal with her and control the stroller.  Especially since P is so little.  Maybe when he is bigger and can sit in the BOB without the carseat we can try taking Molly with us.
Mon, Sept 30th 1.65miles with P in the stroller.
Tues, Oct 1st 1.63miles with P in the stoller.
Wed, Oct 2nd Happy 3rd Anniversary to G and I!!  It is the leather anniversary (traditional) and I got G a credit card holder wallet from leatherology and he got me a fancy leather purse.  It has been an amazing year and even better 3 years.  I look forward to many many many more!
P and I had to run some errands for dinner and buy cupcakes, so we didn’t go for a walk.
Thurs, Oct 3rd 1.0mile walk with P.  P was pretty upset at ~half a mile, so we turned around and went home to eat!
Fri, Oct 4th 0.77mile walk around the block with P, Molly, and a visiting friend.
Sat, Oct 5th talk about lazy!  We didn’t get out a bed until 10:30am!  We did go on a family walk – 2miles.
Sun, Oct 6th Family walk on a nearby running/biking path – 2.34miles.

Monday will be 4weeks since P was born, so I technically have another 2 weeks workout free.  I will keep walking and maybe start adding some arm exercises with my 5lb weights.  My mommy arms need to be tone!


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