Sunday, October 13, 2013


Mon, Oct 7thWe didn’t walk and honestly, I don’t remember why!  Probably just lazy.  Ha!
Tues, Oct 8thWalked 2miles with baby P.
Wed, Oct 9thWalked 1.64 miles with baby P.
Thurs, Oct 10thWalked 1.02miles with baby P – we made it a short walk since it seemed like something was off on the BOB stroller and P was bouncing around a lot.  I did check the tire pressure and played around with it a little and everything seemed ok.  Weird.
Fri, Oct 11thWe had a really rough night and busy morning, which resulted in a long afternoon nap for both of us.
Sat, Oct 12th2mile walk in the morning with baby P.
Sun, Oct 13th2mile walk in the afternoon with baby P.
I did do arm weights with my 5lb weights almost everyday.  Mommy needs tone arms!


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