Sunday, October 20, 2013


Humm… this was a weird walking week.  Motivation not there, missed opportunity waiting to go when G got home, and rain.  Oh well!  It is one of my last weeks of not “being allowed” to workout (OB said no workout for 6 weeks), so I’ll take it. 
I did do arm exercises with my 5lb weights almost every day.
Mon, Oct 14thSuper busy day running errands.
Tues, Oct 15th2mile walk.  This was an interesting walk since ~10min into the walk, G called and told me to pick him up because he had been in a car accident.  On the bright side, baby P was already in the car seat!  After we got home and G left in the truck to go back to work, we finished our walk.
Wed, Oct 16thLazy!
Thurs, Oct 17thIt rained all day :(
Fri, Oct 18th2.4mile walk!
Sat, Oct 19thWe had a busy day at a pumpkin patch in the morning and it was off and on raining all day, so we didn’t get in an official walk.  I did “wear” baby P for almost 2hrs at the pumpkin patch.  That counts as a workout?!?
Sun, Oct 20th1.65mile walk with G and Molly!

My 6week check-up appointment is on Wednesday, so if everything goes well, I’ll have better WWW posts.  I am thinking about finally trying out some of the workouts I have pinned!


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