Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some more knitting

I made this cowl awhile ago -

It is cotton yarn and the pink color is called flamenco and is a bright pink, but paired with the black yarn it looks more red.  Oh well.
This is one of the first pieces that I have made for myself.  I have very sensitive skin when it comes to fabrics.  Wool, even a small amount is itchy.  I have some wool sweaters, but I have to wear long sleeve shirts underneath.  So I haven't made anything for me, until I found this great cotton yarn.  Fun!

This past week I made a pumpkin hat for baby P!  I am working on one for me (cotton yarn), so we can match on Halloween!  Nerdy!  

The day before baby P was born I made these fun owl gloves!
They are a labor of love and each glove was made twice.

The pattern called for size 6 needles for the cuff and size 8 needles for the hand - see the left hand!  When I made the right glove I forgot to switch to size 8 needles.  Opps! 

Ok, I'll just remake the left glove.  As I was working the 2nd left glove I noticed that I had forgotten a few rows of knit between the cuff and hand on the right glove.  Ahh!  I didn't really like the fit of the right glove, so after I finished the left one, I tore back right glove and started the hand again.  Fun times!!

I do love how them came out.

In addition to my pumpkin hat, I am working on a cable scarf and a square blanket that is supposed to be for baby P - this one might take me awhile!


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