Thursday, October 17, 2013

The great stoller purchase of 2013

Once we found out we were having a baby I knew I wanted a BOB stroller.  Went went to REI during their members spring sale and test drove the Motion and Revolution SE.  I liked the compact form of the Motion, but G and the sales guy convinced me that I needed a running stroller.  I don't plan on running regularly with baby P once he gets older, but I will want to run when G goes out of town, so we went with the Revolution SE.  Also, because of the sale we decided to get the matching Britax B-safe infant car seat.
We picked orange to match Molly!
And that is were the fun ends...

The BOB is great for walks but it is large and awkward for taking in and out of the car and into stores.  I wanted/needed something smaller and easy to deal with.  Based off of friends recommendations I bought a snap n' go stoller that says it will fit most infant car seats.  I guess it depends on how you define "fit."  The B-safe didn't "snap" or fit level on the frame.  The extra strap to wrap around the car seat seemed like a bad idea.  It went back.  Fail #1.

During all this, our friends gave us their Baby Jogger City Mini.  Wonderful!  It isn't as small as I would like, but I thought I could make it work.  We just needed to get the infant car seat adapter...
The Baby Jogger website said this adapter would work with the City Mini and B-safe.  It didn't.  Fail #2.

Our friends were able to find the adapter pieces that came with the stroller.  We installed the adapter and again our car seat didn't fit.  No snap/lock the car seat in place.  You could balance and wrap a strap around the car seat to hold it in place.  Sure, let's put a bungee cord around the baby and call it a day!! I don't think so!  That baby needs to be snapped in place!!  Fail #3.

At this point I was feeling super defeated and frustrated with our decision to purchase the B-safe.  Obviously, the B-safe wasn't made to play with other brands.

I went to the Britax website and searched for stroller options.  After watching the B-Nimble product video, I was sold!!.  An umbrella stroller that fits the B-safe, is only 14lbs, folds up flat, and will grow with baby.  The only down side, the price.  According to Britax, B-Nimble sells for $200.  Ouch!! 
I was able to find one on albee baby for $90 with free shipping!  It came with correct car seat adapters, cup holder!, and a rain shield.  And since it is an umbrella stroller, baby P will able to grow into it as a toddler and maybe even last for another baby.  Win!!

I actually purchased the B-Nimble the morning I went into labor! That morning, if you would have asked me if I would go into labor that afternoon, I would have laughed at you!

The only downside, if you even want to call it a downside is the color.  Albee Baby sold the red version for $90 and for $170 we could get it in silver to match our orange car seat.  Hummm, not interested in almost double the price for silver fabric.  Red and orange it is!!

Moral of the story - there is no such thing as universal when it comes car seats and
strollers!  Do your research and make sure you get strollers that are compatible with your favorite car seat before buying anything.


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