Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Track workout = failure

Table settings from GAH's famous cousin's wedding.

Monday, Feb 7 - Boot camp with Stephanie
2min push-ups = 34
5 min plank
Lots of band work
Some exercises from the Wii
and the big finish - Buns of Steel!! Oh my buns hurt on Tuesday
It was a great workout and I am starting to see some of my post-wedding celebration weight disappear! We sort of celebrated with 2 mini honeymoons, including a trip to Palm Springs to see GAH's famous cousin get married, then spent 2 weeks in Maui, was home just in time for Thanksgiving and headed straight into the holiday season. I had a wonderful time, but like when my clothes are not so tight!

Tuesday, Feb 8th - Track workout.
The plan was:
1000 at 400 pace of 1:47, so 4:34 total
400 easy
2000 at 400 pace of 1:47, so 9:28 total
400 easy
1000 repeat of above
400 easy
1000 repeat of above
400 easy
warm down

It was really really cold 31F with wind chill it felt like 21F - according to
The track also had to patches of snow/ice that had not melted. It was also very windy. did have a wind advisory for our county......starting to get an idea of what happened?
I did not finish the workout.
This is what I did -
1000 at 400 = 2:01, 400 = 1:58, total = 5:01
200 easy
2000 at 400 = 1:58.5, 2:00.9, 2:04.6, 2:02.4, 2:01.7, total = 10:09
200 easy
My legs were so cold. I just couldn't get warmed up and was worried about pulling something.
Went home and did some ab work.
Not great, but not that bad.

Wednesday, Feb 9
Cross training day
11 min of running up/down 7 flight of stairs
Compact Chain 10->1 with 8lb weights.
Pilates Series of 5 abs

The plan for tomorrow is to run ~5miles.
Fun times!

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