Wednesday, February 16, 2011

workout updates

Cactus on Maui!

Been a little busy and scattered recently, so updating the blog has been off.

Our friends just had their baby girl - Claire, 5lbs, 5oz, 19inches over the weekend. Of course I ordered them my second favorite baby gift from Pottery Barn Kids and it is personalized! We already sent them our favorite baby gift - a pig in a blanket when they announced they were expecting. I just love personalized stuff. Probably has something to do with the fact that you can't find my name anywhere!
And as an aside, yes I love to repeat gift ideas for different people in my life. Love you all! And watch out for a pig in your mail box...

Hopefully, once things calm down for the new family, we can bring them lunch or dinner and meet Claire.

Back to the update...
Thursday, Feb 10th
It was cold and still icy out. We ran a little over 3 miles in 32min.

Friday, Feb 11th - off/rest day

Saturday, Feb 12th - Altitude run
I was visiting family and friends in the Southwest over the weekend. The city has one of the highest elevations in the states at 5312ft above sea level. I swam in high school and in college at this altitude and understand how challenging it is to come from sea level to a mile up! so I was mentally prepared! The route was 7.2 miles and the first 2 miles were a neighborhood loop to make sure I could finish the remaining 5.

It was a success!! Longest run in this city for me!
Averaged 8:30min/mile
Very pleased with myself.

Splits -
2.2 = 19:10
0.8 = 7:00
0.7 = 6:09
0.9 = 7:54
0.9 = 8:06
0.7 = 6:04
0.8 = 7:14
total -> 1:01:45

I did treat myself to an epsom salts bubble bath and nap!

Sunday, Feb 13th - off/rest/recovery day

Monday, Feb 14th - Boot camp
38 push-ups in 2min
5min plank
Cardio work/lots of push-ups
Band work
And finish with killer abs.

Tuesday, Feb 15th -
~5mile neighborhood trail loop done in 49minutes.

Wednesday, Feb 16th - more boot camp!!


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