Monday, February 7, 2011

When it rains to pours...

We opted for cupcakes at the wedding! Much tastier!!

This past week was many many things - frustrating, hurtful, fun, exciting, successful (finally finished commissioning a new tool at work!), and tiring.
Friday ended up being a great way to end my week.
I got two (sort of out of the blue) emails about exciting opportunities. I am excited to see where they lead. I also had lunch with my mentor and we talked about his new baby (due in a few months). It was great to catch-up and chat.
Ended my day with a quick run and a stationary errand for my mom.
This was my first run since last Sunday. It felt good and my bruised toe didn't bother me at all. It is now officially 1/3 black/purple.
The run was over 3miles and I did it in 32min.

Saturday, Feb 5th - in the rain....
The plan was to do 14 miles. It ended up being ~15.6 (~2.5 before meeting my running partner and then 13.1 with her)! My longest run ever.
The course was very hilly and we had to walk/stop a little for gear adjustments, water breaks, and move into the snow as multiple cars passed us, so the splits are not that great. It was the mileage that was important and Stephanie kept me motivated! Thanks!!

Splits -
~2.5 miles - 21:58
next split was 48:48 and the mile was 9:14
next split was 1:07:40 and the mile was 9:15
1:16:06 (mile was 8:25)
1:25:16 (mile was 9:10)
1:35:01 (mile was 9:44 - HILLS!!)
1:44:28 (mile was 9:27)
1:54:12 (mile was 9:43)
2:03:14 (mile was 9:02)
2:13:13 (mile was 9:57 - mentally ready to be done)
2:22:16 (mile was 9:28)
Last 0.1 mile 0:54:03
Total time 2hrs 23min 35sec!! Extremely proud of myself.

Sunday - a well deserved day off!!

Excited for what this week will bring.

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