Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hard week

Showing off my dancing shoes.

Early Monday morning GAH and I left from the same airport heading one heading North and one heading South. Needless to say this probably did cause my blah mood.
Then I got to work and found that the new office I was moved into was not setup like I requested and I couldn't unpack.
Then I got an unsetting email from my family. Fortunately, I have a wonderful hubby, MIL (mother-in-law), and the best girl friends, who helped me realize in the long run it won't matter. And lastly, I broke the necklace that GAH gave me for Christmas when I was taking it off. I pulled the ribbon a little too hard.

Anyway, all of this have lead to a very blah mood.
I wanted to run Tuesday, but last week's snow has left the side walks covered in snow and the roads are narrow from the piles of snow, so I was going to take my bad mood and sulk. Fortunately, roomie came home and we went on a walk. It helped! The Indian food dinner and chocolate stout beer, also helped!

I was feeling much better this today, but running would still be difficult and it is really windy out. I opted for a cross-training workout.
10minutes of stairs (7 flights of stairs)
Compact chain with 8lb weights - 10(did this twice) -> 5

Tomorrow is a scheduled off day.
I have a skin cancer pre-screening in the morning and a getting my hair trimmed in the evening.
The day will probably end with a trip to Nordstrom!


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  1. Love you, E! Hang in there! Suzanne always says that life sometimes just happens. :)