Sunday, February 20, 2011

Workout update

At the salon getting ready for the wedding. Out photographer really like my shoes. I like that the scars on the tops of both feet are not obvious. I had surgery ~6 years ago to remove calcification on the top of my feet. The excess bone growth was so painful that I couldn't wear sneakers, all my shoes had open tops. The Dr said I would need a refresher surgery in ~15years. My left is starting to hurt again.....not happy about this.

Thursday, Feb 17th - off day. Had a SWE dinner thing at work.

Friday, Feb 18th - was tired but did go on an hour walk along the trails near work.

Saturday, Feb 19th - supposed to by my long run day - 10.6mile airport loop, but it was windy! Ok, that sounds lame, but had a wind alert - 25-35mph wind with gust of 55-60mph. Not fun! I did spend a little time outside and was happy with my decision. I did do a workout.
Compact chain 10->1
New boot camp routine:
15 burpees
14 push-ups
13 burpees
12 push-up
....down to 2 push-up and 1 burpee. Hard workout!
Finish with some abs.

Sunday, Feb 20th - Long run!!! 10.6mile airport loop. Last time I did it in 1:36.
Started watch, split at first mile marker - 6:47.3
mile - 8:39.4
mile - 8:51.2
mile - 8:50.7
mile - 8:44.1
mile - 8:44.5
mile - 8:49.2
mile - 8:36.1
1/2 mile - 4:12.0
1/2 mile - 4:08.8 - this mile was 8:20.8!!
missed the mile marker - 8:54.7
1/2 mile - 4:23.5
total - 1:31:40

Happy with this. Now I need to get my act together and go buy the GPS watch I have been looking at for a few months now!

Monday, Feb 21st - Boot camp with Stephanie
42 push-ups in 2min
5min plank
We did lots of abs, band work, and cardio routines. It was a great workout.

Tuesday, Feb 22nd - off day/rest day



  1. ELH, you could always go old school and get the 205 or 305... they are an extremely good deal on Amazon. Not as sleek as the new ones, but it definitely does everything I desire.
    Love you!!

  2. Got the 110 at wrists are kid sized, so the 205 and 305 are just too big. Going to test it out tomorrow....