Thursday, April 14, 2011

Greek Yogurt review

The new fad seems to be Greek yogurt. Dairy and I have a weird relationship - sometimes I am fine, other times, not so much. Every few months I get on the calcium kick and try to add more dairy to my diet, the latest kick is trying out different varieties of Greek yogurt. So far I have tried 3 national brands:
Chobani - my least favorite. This yogurt tastes very chalky. I tried the honey (added my own almonds for crunch) and the strawberry flavored. After eating this, I wonder what all the hype was about.

Fage with blueberries - The commericals for this yogurt peaked my interest - what is this stuff?? The yogurt was very good. Nice and creamy and not chalky. This does seem to be the most pricey, about $2 a container of the ones I have tried.

Yoplait greek - Nice and creamy and not chalky. Again, I tried the honey and vanilla version and added my own almonds.

My favorite is tie between Fage and Yoplait. The decided factor would be a game time decision at the grocery store - whatever was on sale!

What do you think about Greek yogurt??


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  1. I'm a Fage girl myself... love the stuff.

    I have a weird dairy relationship too. Yogurt and cheese are ok. Milk... uh oh. :)