Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last day of the regular season

Today is the last day of the NHL's regular season. Excited for the playoffs, but sad that hockey is over. The mighty Red Wings are in! In fact they have the longest post season appearance record in all professional sports - 20 years!!
Our home team did not make the playoffs :) They had a chance and then they started to stink. The team is up for sale and there is talk of moving them to Winnipeg. Fans hoped that if they made it to the playoffs, talk of moving to Winnipeg would disappear.....I guess we will just have to see what the summer brings.
These are some pictures of the last game we went to. They played the league's best team and kept up with them, so the game was fun. Unfortunately, a go-ahead goal in the third period sealed the win to the visitors. The stands emptied, including us.
It's getting hot in here... This jerky dad in our row told his kids to sit down during O'Canada - "We don't stand for other country's anthems!" I really wanted to yell at the a-hole "If it were not for Canada, you wouldn't be at this game!!" Half of the roster is Canadian. Jerk!!

Honorary pee-wee 7th man - a goalie. He looked so cute in his pads. Mini-me!

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