Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Last weeks workouts and the beginning of this week

Wednesday, March 30th - Cross training. Burpees/push-ups, 20 -> 1. Compact chain with 10lb weights 10 -> 1 and then a lot of abs and stretching. It was a great workout and I felt strong.

Thursday, March 31st - Longest run since the 1/2 marathon - 5.04 miles in 41:54.
Mile 1 - 8:11
Mile 2 - 8:19
Mile 3 - 8:30 - this is the mile with the hill.
Mile 4 - 8:17
Mile 5 - 8:13
Last 0.04 was in 21 sec with a pace of 8:15.
Cool down walk with Molly - 0.51 miles in 9:23.
For the marathon training, I am thinking about doing repeat runs up that hill between mile 2 and 3!

Friday, April 1st - Sort of a lazy day, I did take Molly for a walk - 1.76miles in 33min. Then we took her for another walk when GAH got home - 1.79 miles in 32min - faster walk since she had gotten all the poo out on the first walk! Silly dog!

Saturday, April 2nd - Rest day for the 10 miler tomorrow. 10 mile races are my favorite right now. A nice distance! We did take Molly for a walk, 1.74 miles in 33 min. Since getting my GPS watch, Molly and I have walked

Sunday, April 3rd - Cherry Pit 10 miler....best time! 16th out of 74 in my age division and 170th out of 499 runners. More to come on that.

Monday, April 4th - Boot camp with Stephanie. April is bands, so we did lots of arm work. I skipped the mile run and did 200 dips on the curb. My arms are feeling it.
32 push-ups in 2min
5min plank.
It was good to have someone push you during the workout. Can't wait till Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 5th - I have been tired and my left heal is still a little sore, so I decided to skip a workout and take a nap and then do some stretching. I have decided to add more stretching to my workouts, working on my flexibility during this sort of running down time.

My marathon is Halloween weekend, so serious training will start at the beginning of the summer. In the mean time, I will still run three times a week with my long run being anywhere from 6 to 10 miles.


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