Thursday, April 14, 2011

This week in workout review

This week has been jammed packed with activities! and I am tired.
Monday, April 11th - Boot camp!
1 mile run - 6:58.
2min push-up - 31 (tired from the run and I am working on my form)
5 min plank
We did some stuff with bands and then did a 3min routine counting how many sets you can do. It was 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 15 sprint squats (basically really fast squats).
I did 3 rounds plus 5 push-ups.

Tuesday, April 12th - Bikram yoga! First official yoga class that wasn't some sort of cool down routine. It was hot and it was hard. My hip flexors are sore. I enjoyed the class and will definitely finish off my 4 other groupon classes. I am not sure if I will continue after that...

Wednesday, April 13th - More boot camp!
1 mile run - 6:56 (I think this is my fastest mile!!) My legs were very tired from the yoga.
2min push-ups - 32
5 min plank
More bands and then repeated the 5-10-15 routine. This time I did 3 rounds, 5 push-ups, and 10 sit-ups. Improvement!! We finished the class off with this killer "buns of steel" routine. Basically is it is very small movements of your hip while laying on your side. It hurts so good!!

Thursday, April 14th - Run
I did a nice 4.06 loop in 33:59, alone at a lake/park near work. My splits were ok. It was hot, 75F, which I am used to running in the cold and my legs are tired from all the other workouts. It was a hard run.
Splits -
Mile 1 - 8:20
Mile 2 - 8:22
Mile 3 - 8:31
Mile 4 - 8:15
0.06 in 30 sec (8:00 min/mile)

After, I did another 2.41 mile run/walk in 33:19, with the Beginning Running Program sponsored by work. It is basically a 10-week "couch to 5k" program. I was a volunteer coach last year and am again this year.
Today's workout was:
5min warm-up
7 x (2min run, 1 min walk)
5min cool down
We had a group of 9 people. I ran with a group of three and they did a great job. I think the program is going to be a success!

Friday, April 15 - off/rest day. I am going to visit one of my girlfriends and her boys at their new house!! We meet in college and have sort of been following each other around the country. If it wasn't for husband, I wouldn't have met GAH!! It should be a fun night.

Weekend plans - maybe another hot yoga class on Saturday or a run and Sunday is a "rest" day full of airport walking, brunch, errands, and family activities!

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  1. BUSY WEEK!!! :) Congrats! Have fun next week!