Monday, April 11, 2011

Workout update

Wednesday, April 6th - Boot camp! Still resting my heel, so no running or jumping. It is feeling better, but I want to give my body the week to rest.
32 push-ups in 2min.
5min plank.
We did a new little routine - 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 15 fast squats. Repeat until Stephanie staid stop. It was hard!

Thursday, April 7th - Off day. Took a nice afternoon cat nap.

Friday, April 8th - Another off day. Meet with Stephanie and a few other boot campers to discuss ways to help her track all the students meters. She has 80 people now!! and needs help. We came up with some great ideas, but I didn't get home until after 8pm. Long day!

Saturday, April 9th - 10k run with Stephanie. The plan was to keep our splits between 8:30 and 9min. This was my first run since the Cherry Pit. As you can see from the splits, our legs felt pretty good...
Mile 1 - 8:19
Mile 2 - 8:22
Mile 3 - 8:07
Mile 4 - 8:32 - I stopped here to take off my long sleeve shirt, but didn't stop my watch.
Mile 5 - 8:04
Mile 6 - 8:06
0.2 - 1:28 (7:25 pace)
total - 51:02
The hills were hard and my feet felt fine. Recovery officially over!
My best 10k time is 50:59 from this past Thanksgiving. I am signed up for a 10k over 4th of July and my goal will be somewhere in the 49s.

Sunday, April 10th - No set workout plans. Just plan to be lazy and get some work done.

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