Friday, August 31, 2012


We miss our Lexus.  Whenever we see one on the road, we both think longingly of our missed friend.  It also starts a conversation of what should we get to replace it.  G has been traveling a lot this year and the end is in sight!  His truck is okay, but it up for daily driving. 

Getting another Lexus IS has been tossed around.  That was up until a few weeks ago, when the IIHS added a new safety test that focused on side impact near the wheel well of the driver.  Almost the exact position of our accident.  The 2012 Lexus' got poor rates, the worst possible! 

It looks like we were pretty lucky to walk away with just bruises.  "The Lexus IS had up to 10 times as much occupant compartment intrusion as the Volvo. In the IS test, the car's A-pillar bent and the footwell collapsed as the left front wheel and tire were forced rearward. The dummy's left foot was entrapped by intruding structure, and its right foot was wedged beneath the brake pedal."  Sadly, this the Lexus is definitely out.

This was my first car -

1980 navy blue Mercedes 450SEL.  I started driving when I was 15 and my parents wanted me protected.  It had been my mom's car.  They just decided to keep it and get her something new.  I will always be drawn back to a Mercedes!  G said "No German cars!"  I guess my Passat will be our last German car.  Sad :(

The next option is a Toyota FJ.  It reminds me of legos. 

Then there is this car -

We have a few more months before any real decisions need to be made.  It is fun to pay attention to all the cars and colors out there.

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