Sunday, August 19, 2012

More baby gifts

It is that season in life where everyone is having babies!  Wedding are over and babies are in!
We just sent another Pig in a Blanket to G's cousin who is expecting their first baby in February.  One of G's co-workers just had a little boy and G told me to "dispatch a pig in a blanket!"  Humm, never met the guy, wife, or baby and I kind of like the the pig is an H thing, not G's company thing.  So I sent them a Cordy Roy Jelly Cat Blue Rhino.

And of course some Boudreaux's butt paste - a favorite of our niece and nephews.

And for are closets, dearest friends a personalized bath wrap from PB kids.  I love love love personalized things, so this gift is right up my alley.

Anna in a pink Owl.

Ryan in a her pink bunny wrap.

And last but not least......
some homemade knitted "bear cuddle cloths" for Ryan and Anna.

My SIL embroidered their names on the ribbon.

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