Thursday, August 9, 2012

Foot update

It has been 2 weeks!!


 I got many compliments on my foot wear during the past two weeks and questions/comments about what happened, I've been in your place, it will get better, I feel for you etc.  All nice and funny. 

I did have one sort of bad experience - at a local pizza place where you seat yourself and it is first come first serve.  The place is so popular that they added tables in the kitchen to make room for the guests!  

I was there with my MIL last Friday and the first lunch crowd was just finishing up, so the place was sort of packed.  We did find seats at a corner of a large table next to a big work group and two other ladies.   We did have a table right behind us, so there wasn't a lot of room for me to manipulate my foot into the seat, but I made it work!  
The two ladies next to us finished their pizza and were starting to get up.  
The lady right next to me said, "Can you move so I can get through?"  Note the lack of "please."  I looked at her and her friend and said, "No..."
They interrupted me before I could say "I am sorry but I can't really move easily, could you go around? or give me a moment, I can't move very fast."  
The ladies looked at me with shock and the lady next to me said, "I'm pregnant (she didn't really look preggo) and I can't squeeze through there!!"  I said, "I have a broken foot (a little exaggeration, but explaining surgery would have taken too long) and can't really move around easily!"  I then pointed to my lovely looking boot.  Again they looked at me with shock.  I guess they thought being pregnant trumps everything.  I haven't been pregnant, so I really wouldn't know what it is like or what was running through her head, but it does annoy me that she started off so rude and entitled.  I wasn't a super angel either, but I always remember to say excuse me, please, and thank-you.  

In the opposite case, at the vet's office the vet assistance carried Artichoke to the exam room and out her in my car, voluntarily! after she saw me limping along.  Thanks!!

Enough ranting!

Today, I had my stitches removed and got my first look at the new foot!  The Drs. office was packed and they were running behind.  I was apologized to multiple times about the long wait.  My reply, "No problem!  I am so excited to be here, get the stitches out, and get out of this stupid boot!" 

My new orders include - no soaking the foot for another 3 weeks :(  Still healing.  Don't specifically clean your foot, just let the soapy water run over it in the shower.  No lotions or powders or arnica gel.
Focus on getting back to putting my full weight on the foot before going for a long walk or riding a bike without any pain!  I did a little walk with Molly - 0.25miles in 11 minutes.  It was tiring.
No running at all!!  
My next follow-up appointment is in 6 weeks and we will start talking about running then.  They didn't give me any specific exercises to do but I found a some good ones on Live Strong, so I might try them in a few weeks.  
After the stitches were removed today.

And lastly, stay in the boot!  Now the boot fit after the surgery with all the wrappings, but now is is huge.  It is ~1.5inches longer than my other shoe, and I have gotten it caught on the stairs in and out of our house.  I brought my other sneaker and she relented, so long as it didn't cause pain from being too tight.  Success!

Most comfy of my ~60+ shoes.  Haflinger hard soled slippers.
I did try on some shoe other shoes when I got home and my slippers are the most comfortable.  Will I look weird wearing my slippers in the summer?  With a limp?
I don't really care!


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