Friday, August 24, 2012


I love ribbons and bows!  One of my besties said because she loves me, she would wear a bridesmaid dress with any number of bows!  Fortunately, no bows on me or bridemaids at the wedding.  The flower girl yes!

I have a small collection of ribbons that I love using on gifts.  I'm not really a wrapping paper girl.  Seems too wasteful.  

The ribbons used to live in a Gap plastic shopping bag with in my wrapping tupperware.  Not ideal, since I had to empty the bag every time I wanted to uses them.  

I randomly decided to organize them on a dowel rod we had, but I need another, better idea.

Searching on pinterest found these great ideas -
I like this idea, but I don't really have the room.
Cool, but I would need to find a cool box...

Styrofoam tube that you pin the ribbon around.  Love it!
The last one is my favorite!  Hopefully, I'll have time this weekend to go to the craft store and get some foam and more straight pins.


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