Thursday, August 16, 2012


Checking my credit card yesterday, I noticed a $855 charged to UPS.  WTF!!!
Apparently, I shipped 60+ pounds of stuff to Malaysia from North Carolina.  I don't know anyone in Malaysia and even had to look at google maps to figure out where exactly it was!

The charge is being disputed and my credit card company said I won't be liable for the $855.

The tracking number was listed, so I did some searching and found out the details from UPS in case I need my own proof that the it wasn't me.

I also asked how this didn't raise a red flag with the fraud department.  The initial charge at the UPS store was for $45, which started the process of getting the package approved for shipment with customs.  The rest of the $810 wasn't charged until approval from customs.  Lovely!

I have a feeling that getting this issue completely cleared up might take a while!
Fun times!

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