Thursday, April 19, 2012

Skinny Girl

Tomorrow is my nephew's birthday party. A bunch of 4 year olds doing an art project at a local art studio with cake, pizza, and presents is sure to wear a mama out!

So I bought my SIL a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas!

Rewind a few weeks to Easter weekend.... it was late Sunday afternoon and most of the guests had left our in-laws house. We were sitting on a swing watching the kids play in the warm tub (hot tub with temp turned down) and G brought me and his mom adult beverages. My SIL turns to us and asks for her own adult beverage!

Now I have seen her drink an adult beverage and talk about enjoying Baileys shakes, but I don't think I have ever heard her ask for a drink! G heard it too and we both looked at each other and smiled and I said, "bring this girl a drink STAT!" She wanted a margarita, so that is what she got.

I think she will want one (maybe 2) after the party,once her boys are tucked in for the night. So I will help a mama out!


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