Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Workout update

More workout updates….

Sun, April 15th Easy day - Morning walk with Molly – 3.11miles and AABS – 120 sit-ups and 26 push-ups.

Mon, April 16th Easy 3.1mile run in 27:45.  I felt good and my foot didn’t hurt too much.
Splits –
Mile 1 – 8:56
Mile 2 – 8:56
Mile 3 – 8:57
0.1miles @8:47
Talk about consistent!

Cool-down with AABS – 120 sit-ups and 26 push-ups.

Tues, April 17th Feeling tired, so I slept in and took Molly for a 2.0mile walk and AABS – 130 sit-ups and 28 push-ups.

Wed, April 18th Nike Training Club! (because it was raining and I don’t like running in the rain.)
Get Strong – Advanced – Endurance Master – 45min
2min light jog
1min back pedal
1min straight leg kicks
2min recover
3 x{30sec sumo squat with press
30sec side lunge
30sec wood chops
30sec mountain climbers
1min plank
1min deadlift
1min recover}
3x{30sec burpee to shoulder press
30sec squat arm curls
1min alternating forward lunge to shoulder press
30sec tuck jumps
30sec split jumps – just lunges
1min plank row – just plank
1min recover}
1min side plank
1min Russian twists
1min toe touches
1min lower back stretch
2min standing hamstring stretch
2min pretzel stretch

And AABS – 130 sit-ups and 28 push-ups.
It was nice in the afternoon, so I took Molly for a 2.0mile walk after work.

Thurs, April 19th Lazy, lazy morning.  Lacking in motivation to run on my hurt foot, so I slept in and did AABS in the evening – 130 sit-ups and 28 push-ups.

Fri, April 20th Nike Training Club!
Get Strong – Advanced – Challenger – 45min
2min light jog
1min high knee runs
1min plank
1min full extensions
30sec mountain climbers
1min V-ups
1min side plank crunches
1min 90-degree abs
4x{1min wood chops
1min frogger to shoulder press
1min plank
1min squat rotation
1min alternating step back lunge row
1min plank
1min deadlift with alternating rows
1min side plank reverse fly}
1min 90-degress abs
30sec V-ups
1min pretzel stretch
2min pigeon stretch

And some AABS – 140 sit-ups and 30 push-ups!  Really starting to like doing push-ups on a daily basis.

Sat, April 21st Run Day!  No excuses.  The plan in my head was 6miles.  I ended up doing a pretty pathetic 10k and my foot was killing me.  Felt it all weekend!  My cortisone shot appointment is May 4th!!  G offered to take me to the appointment.  I really can’t wait!

Splits –
Mile 1 – 9:00
Mile 2 – 9:02
0.3miles @8:57
1:10min walk break – picking a hilly neighborhood probably wasn’t the best idea!
0.26miles @8:49
1:11min walk break – really not a good idea!
0.86miles @9:20
1:38min walk break – voice in my head saying “head home!”  But I am stubborn (sometimes!)
1mile @9:25
0.37miles @9:12
1mile @9:34
0.2miles @8:54

Did you get all that?
Total – 6.2miles in 59:18 with an average pace of 9:34. 

Definitely not my best run….I think I am going to stick to ~3miles.  Since my next race isn’t until July, there isn’t any point in killing my foot!

Sun, April 22nd Nice long walk with Molly in the morning – 3.59miles, followed by AABS – 140 sit-ups and 30 push-ups.

Mon, April 23rd Nike Training Club!  I was going to run, but my foot has been killing me all weekend.
Get Focused – Butt Buster – 15min
3x {1min hip lifts
1min cross back lunge
30sec split jumps – just did lunges
1min side lunge with rotation
1min modified side plank leg lift
30sec recover}

Get Focused – Ab Burner – 15min
3x {1min toe touches
1min Russian twists
30sec plank
1min modified side plank
1min crazy Ivans
30sec recovery}

AABS – 140 sit-ups and 30 push-ups and a 2.0mile walk with Molly when I got home!  

I start a new bootcamp on Tuesday.  It should be fun!
What have you been up to??

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