Saturday, April 14, 2012

Carlsbad All Day 25k

Carlsbad All Day 25k!

One of my besties moved to La Jolla in 2010 and she did this race last year. You run 5 x 5k in one morning! Yes, just a little crazy!

“Experience the excitement of five start lines and five finish lines in one day! All Day 25K participants compete in all five open races at Carlsbad 5000, which include: Masters Men, Masters Women, Men 30-39, Women 30-39 and Men and Women 29 & Under. You can register with the goal to finish or to see how fast you can run five 5Ks in one day! The All Day 25K is a great way to get your long run in if you are training for a spring or an early summer marathon!”

My besty said it was fun and she wanted to do it again….hint, hint, hint! I thought it sounded like fun and I love Southern Cali!

The first race started at 7am, 2nd at 8am, 3rd at 8:42, 4th at 9:23, and the 5th and last race at 11:30am.

I cruised through the first three races and then pushed myself on the 4th race (my age group). I really wanted to get into the top 250 and get a medal. The 5th race was the worst. Since the break was so long, I ate and drank a lot to recover, probably too much. My whole body hurt. It was interesting to notice all the other 25kers on the last race – we all looked like we were in pain!

My besty ran in our age group and then ran/walked with me in the last race. It was wonderful having her there taking pics and crewing for me. It definitely made the morning fun!

I did get 2 shirts and 2 medals! One medal for getting in the top 250 and one for finishing the 25k. One shirt of for the 5k and a long sleeve dry-fit shirt for the 25k. I have a nice race shirt collection going on!

Results –

256 runners did the 25k and the placements are in relation to everyone who did the 25k.

Masters Men 40+ – 27:00 (8:42 pace), 180th overall, 47th in my sex and division.

Splits – 8:29, 8:48, 8:39, 0.14miles @ 7:31 – 26:58

Masters Women 40+ – 26:35 (8:34 pace), 161st overall, 56th in my sex and 30th in my division.

Splits – 8:34, 8:29, 8:28, 0.14miles @ 7:42 – 26:33

Men 30-39 – 26:21 (8:29 pace), 141st overall, 35th in my sex and division.

Splits – 8:26, 8:30, 8:20, 0.13miles @ 7:56 – 26:18

Women 30-39 – 25:14 (8:08 pace), 77th overall, 23rd in my sex and 4th in my division – This was my division and I ended up finishing 62th/275, 259th/1460 overall, and 174th/1124 in my gender.

Splits – 7:50, 8:18, 8:05, 0.15miles @ 6:34 – 25:12

29 & Under – 30:18 (9:46 pace), 191st overall, 62nd in my sex and 50th in my division.

Splits – 9:10, 10:56, 9:11, 0.13miles @ 7:37 - 30:17

Total time – 2:15:26 (8:44pace), 139th overall and 38th in my sex and division.

I had a great time and if my besty wants to do it again next year, I am game!

What fun races have you been up to??




  1. I think we should do it next year! It is a fun race... and maybe they will figure out the schedule better next year!