Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sick girl

Since my marathon, I have been a mess. One hot mess!

Sick with a cold 3 times - yes I am sick again. Never really got over the thing in March (did feel good during my week in Southern California) and got sick again, probably due to flying and not really sleeping. Needless to say, I have been on a little workout hiatus for April....

Back to the sick thing - 1st there was the back thing, which is doing great. I love PT and it is definitely helping. I am going once a week and my PT said to finish out the month and I should be good! Yeah!

2nd - probably was 1st but I ignored it, is pain in my left foot. It started bothering me after long runs and felt like stabbing pain when I took my first steps in the morning. The pain is on the ball of my foot and hurts my 3 middle toes. I have a nice yellow-ish looking callus there! I really noticed that something was wrong after mile 16 during the marathon in October. I iced it and forgot about it, since my back pain decided it was more important!

Fast forward to February and trying to run longer runs and the pain is back. Oh the pain is back!
I knew the Dr was going to tell me not to run and to be honest, with visiting the Dr for the cold-thing and PT once a week, I wasn't in the mood for another Drs. visit and I had a spring 1/2 marathon and 25k. I was doing those races regardless.

Last week I called my Dr. and was referred to a podiatrist. Saw him this morning and I have Morton's Neuroma. Basically, it is a nerve disorder that causes pain and the loss of feeling between the toes. Lovely!

Treatment includes (max) 3 rounds of cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation of the nerve, putting a metatarsal pad in my shoe to relieve some of the pressure, and surgery to remove the inflamed nerve.
I am scheduled for a cortisone shot at the beginning of next month - hopefully it will help and surgery won't be necessary.
The Dr. did say that I can run until it hurts, which for me is usually less than 5miles. I like that plan!

I am running a 5k this Saturday and then I don't have anything until July 4th - 10k. After that, 2 half-marathons in October. I really want to run hard at those races and get back to my 8:15/mile pace. Hopefully, I can stay healthy!

Fun times!

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  1. I have Morton's Neuroma in my left foot also... as well as Plantar's in my left foot. We can be gimps together. Love you.