Friday, April 13, 2012

Over due workout summary

Sun, April 1stAll Day 25K! Update coming soon.

Mon, April 2ndOff/rest day, since I ran 15.5miles the day before. I was able to get in a 2hr nap in the afternoon. Bliss!

Tues, April 3rdAnother off/rest day. I stayed in Southern California a few extra days to hang out with my family. We did go on a whale watching tour and saw 3 grey whales. It was fun, but I forget to put my hat on and my scalp got fried! Towards the end of the week, it started to peel and I look like I have a major dandruff problem.

I am starting another round of my own MABS. I guess it should be called AABS. 90 sit-ups and 20 push-ups on my knees.

Wed, April 4thTravel home day. I did walk around my Aunt’s neighborhood with her and did AABS = 90sit-ups and 20 push-ups.

Thurs, April 5thRun day! Easy run in our neighborhood. AABS = 90sit-ups and 20 push-ups.

Fri, April 6thAnd I am sick again… Probably didn’t ever really get over the first cold and then with the running and traveling, the germs came back! It does seem to just be mucus in my sinuses and some coughing. No problems with my ears! I was able to motivate myself to do AABS = 100sit-ups and 22 push-ups.

Sat, April 7thTook Nyquil D the night before and slept for 10hrs! I guess I needed it:) Still feeling very congested, so I didn’t do anything that even looked like a workout. On the plus side, my appetite has pretty much gone away, so I don’t feel too guilty for not working out.

Sun, April 8thHappy Easter! We got up early and walked to a nearby church for sunrise services. Does walking ~1/2 mile count as a workout?? I do my AABS later that night after eating some doritios for dinner! 100sit-ups and 22 push-ups.

Mon, April 9thAlarm was set to get up early and take Molly for a walk, but still feeling pretty congested and run down, so I went back to sleep for another hr. We did take her for a walk that evening while dinner was in the oven – 1.7miles and I did AABS = 100sit-ups and 22 push-ups.

Tues, April 10thI was able to get my lazy, sick butt out of bed and do some Nike Training Club – 1st one in April!

Better Butt – 15min

3 x {1min single leg clock squats

1min alternating step back lunges

1min split jumps

1min pulse jumps

1min wide leg deadlifts without weights}

Arm Definer – 15min

3 x {1min single leg arm curls

1min push-ups on knees

1min modified tricep push-ups

30sec sumo squats with press

1min plank

30sec recover}

and AABS = 110sit-ups and 24 push-ups.

Wed, April 11thEvening easy run with a guy from work – 4.33miles in 41:38 and yes my foot hurt!

Splits –

Mile 1 – 9:26

Mile 2 – 9:53

Mile 3 – 9:38

Mile 4 – 9:12

0.33miles @ 8:12 – pushed it up the final hill to our office.

And AABS when I got home! - 110sit-ups and 24 push-ups.

Thurs, April 12thMorning run with another guy from work – 3.24miles in 30:13.

Splits –

Mile 1 – 9:22

Mile 2 – 9:29

Mile 3 – 9:18

0.24miles @ 8:25

My legs felt pretty good! I did AABS later that night -110sit-ups and 24 push-ups.

Fri, April 13thoff/rest day, but still did AABS - 120sit-ups and 26 push-ups.

What workout have you been up to?


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