Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Art project

Bamboo Forest

While we were in Maui, I was on the hunt for art pieces for the house to remember the trip. We did find some very cool sea turtle things! but I wanted a print.
On our Road to Hana adventure, we stopped for a ~4mile nature hike on Haleakala to see waterfalls. During the hike, there was this amazing passage through a bamboo forest. We found an artist who had captured this forest and now the print is at the end of our main hallway. It reminds me of Maui every time I walk down the hall. Very cool!!

At one of the many coffee shops we visited, a local artist had created custom light switch face plates using old magazine, wrapping paper, and post cards. They were really cool. I thought I could do that. So I found a cool post card showing the main islands. Did you know that there are over 130 islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands??
I bought a cheap face plate from the hardware store. After figuring out where I wanted the cut outs and making the cuts, I soaked the post card in water for ~30sec to soften it up. I glued the post card on to the face plate with crazy glue. I let it dry overnight and then coated front and back with clear spray paint. Finished product -

I installed it in our hall bathroom that has brown tones. I think it came out pretty good. Now I just need to paint the screws a darker color to match the post card better.

What crafty things have you been up to??

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