Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Gussy!

Just woken up from a nap!
Her ribbon says "cool cat!"

Napping with Arti

Gussy is 10 years old!! I remember when she was a kitten and would fit into my sweatshirt pocket.
She has been through many moves with me traveling in cars, in a moving van, on planes for Christmas vacation, and under the plane as baggage. She brings a smile to my face everyday.
Love you Gussy!!

Today is also Germy's b-day! (Germy is short for Germanium, yes from the periodic table!)Germy and Gussy have a love-hate relationship! We affectionately call them boyfriend and girlfriend. I think Germy likes Gussy more.
This is an old picture - Germy used to be a much smaller cat!

Happy Kitty Birthdays!!

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