Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We have been talking about painting the house for a little while and on Sunday we went to the Home Depot and started looking at paint!!

The office is a dingy looking yellow. We really were not sure what to do it here, so we are sticking with yellow, just a little bit brighter, but not looking like a baby's room.
We got a sample of Warm Cocoon and it is a winner! (The only winner from this trip:( )

Side note - this room is where the cats litter, scratching chair, and food lives. Molly likes to eat the litter....reason for the baby gate.

Our bedroom is a brown color with a chair rail painted white and the bottom half of the room white. Again, we just need to refresh this room and maybe go a shade darker.

I pretty much like all of the these chips. The boards with 4 colors are labeled 260 and 280, we are going to get board 270 and then decide. What is your favorite?

The living/dining room, hallway, and TV room are the same color. We are not sure if we should repeat that or not. We do think the 3 panel board is looking a little flesh toned, but we do like the single rectangle - Cappuccino. The TV room does not have a chair rail, so we probably need a lighter color and might go a tone darker in the living/dining room and hallway.

And then the guest bedroom....We both thought that the room was blue, until we bought a blue paint sample and realized the room is a soft sea green. We really liked this sample at the store, but on the wall it is a little too blue, perfect for a baby boy. Not perfect for our guest room!

We want to get a blue that has a little more gray in it, sort of like the lighter striped blue in the bedspread, but not too matchy-matchy.
So it is back to the Home Depot for us!

On another note, while playing with the paint in the guest room, we noticed that the mattress was moldy! The mattress is now out of the house and we bought a new one on Overstock.com for $1 shipping. This should make our resident pet sitter happy!

What home improvements are you working on?

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  1. I don't envy you having to paint!! Lots of hard work! GOOD LUCK!