Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workout update

Monday, March 21st - Off day! Well deserved day off. I slept in, took a nap, went to lunch with my MIL. It was great!!

Tuesday, March 22nd - Cross Training day. Burpees/push-up (on my knees) combo starting at 20 and working down to 1.
Followed by the compact chain workout with 10lb weights. I did 10 -> 5 reps and then repeated 10.
Finished the workout with some abs and stretching.

Wednesday, March 23rd - Easy run day. I did the 3 mile loop and I definitely felt sore.
total time 25:45

Thursday, March 24th - Pilates Core challenge video. Lots of abs and stretching. It felt great.
Followed by a faster paced walk with Molly. 1.75miles in 28:35.

Tomorrow is going to be another easy run.
Saturday will be a rest day and Sunday will be the 5mile loop with the steep hill!

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