Saturday, March 12, 2011

workout update

Monday, March 7th - Boot camp with Stephanie - March is weight, so I did lots of stuff with 10lb weight.
2min push-ups - 38
5min plank
We finished the class with buns of steel - it hurts in a good way!

Tuesday, March 8th - 4.28 mile run. I wanted to push myself since I hadn't run in a few days.
Splits -
total time 34:09!!

Wednesday, March 9th - More boot camp. This time we did our 1 mile run for time. I was 6:57 (close to my best time.) It probably would have been faster if my shoe hadn't come undone or a car hadn't been in the cross walk. Oh well. Very happy with it!
2min push-up - 42
6:15min plank - a guy in the class want to challenge me on the plank. My record of holding a plank is 20minutes!! I beat him :)

Thursday, March 10th - rainy day, so I made it my rest day.

Friday, March 11th - feeling very tired. Took a 2 hrs nap and then went to bed a 9am and slept for 10 hrs. Pretty lame, but I guess my body needed it!


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