Friday, March 4, 2011

workout update

Sunday, Feb 27th - Sort of an off day. We took Molly to the dog park and walked around 2.15miles. Molly didn't like the dog park. She just stood by our side the whole time. When we take her for a walk, she always pulls and extends the leash to the end. I think she was afraid we would leave her at the park! Silly dog.

Monday, Feb 28th - I was going to do my own version of boot camp, but was tired and not motivated, so I did a pilates core challenge video and took Molly on a fast paced walk. 2miles in 34min.

Tuesday, March 1st - Run day!! I felt very tired - maybe from the ~25miles I did in 3 days last week...
8:55 - the first half mile is very hilly and my pace drops
total 5:01 in 43:39
Happy with this, but decide to give my legs a rest and skip the track workout this week.

Wednesday, March 2nd - Weights!
Burpee/Push-up routine starting at 20.
Compact chain with 10lb weights - 10->5 and then repeat 10 again.
Ab work
Walked Molly with GH - 1.7 miles in 34:26

Thursday, March 3rd - pilates core challenge video again - tired legs.

Friday is the long run...

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